Seo Jung-Min and Choi Eun-Seo In ‘Doctor Cha’: Seo Jung-Min plays a major role in the series as a first-year college student and the son of Jeong-Suk, the main lead in the series. His father’s name is In-Ho in the series. Jung-Min’s mother faced a lot of difficulties while raising their kids, as her husband never loved her. However, she kept working for them and their children without thinking of getting anything in return.

When Jung-Min grew up, he decided to support his mother and helped her start a new chapter of her life. He is currently a first-year student in the same hospital where his father works and is working under him as an intern. Due to his father’s disapproval of his behavior, he always feels stressed, leading to mistakes while working, resulting in scoldings from his father and senior students.

He is also in a relationship with Jeon So-Ra, a third-year student at the same college, but they have kept their relationship a secret from others. Apart from that, he always helps his mother, and in the upcoming episode, he may reveal his relationship to her.

Choi Eun-Seo plays a crucial role in the series as Dr. Seung-Hi’s daughter. Her mother always tries to talk to her or cheer her up, but she always disappoints her, and sometimes she even feels embarrassed in front of her. She doesn’t even tell her friends about her mother. But her best friend was surprised to see her mother one day when she came to pick her up, as she is a very famous doctor.

Choi Eun-Seo always curses her mother about why she had given birth to her, which sometimes makes her mother cry. Let’s see in the upcoming episodes how her relationship develops in the series.



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