Song Of The Bandits Episode 7: Episode 7 of the show starts with Lee Yoon and Hee-Shin reaching Seon Bok in Myeojang. Seon Bok was going to help Hee-Shin make contact with an Independence Army member so that money could reach them. On the other hand, we also see that Eon is there as she is following Lee Yoon to kill him.

Lee Yoon and Hee-Shin are talking with each other, and Eon hears that Lee Yoon’s parents were also killed like Eon’s parents, and she changes her mind to shoot him. She then tries to aim at Lee Yoon and shoot him, but then Police Inspector Oka of that area arrives and points a gun at her. Eon acts very fast and snatches the gun from the Inspector and also punches him. Before she can get away from there, she is surrounded by many policemen and then she is arrested.

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When Inspector Ooka was torturing Eon, she said that she knew Major Gwang-Li. When the Inspector calls Major Gwang-Li, he replies that he knows nothing about that girl. Ooka says that Eon will be hanged tomorrow in front of everyone. On the other hand, Major is planning to attack Lee Yoon again to get that money, and this time he is coming with 200 troops. Choong Soo comes to know this, and he asks his men to get ready, and they are going to help Lee Yoon.

When Lee Yoon and Hee-Shin are about to leave, Major arrives at the hotel with more than 100 army men. On the other hand, Ooka is planning to hang Eon in front of everyone. When there is no response from the hotel, Major and his men start firing. By listening to the firing noise, Police Inspector Ooka thinks that the Army and Gwang Li have come to rescue Eon, and he, with his police force, marches towards the hotel. Now we get to see the faceoff between the Inspector and Major. The Inspector asks Major to leave, but Major says no. In between all of this, Eon manages to free herself from the police and she fires on Major Gwang-Li. She is angry because the Major didn’t save her.

Just after the firing from Eon, a war-like situation happens between the Army and the Police, and very soon, the Army men gain control of that area. Gwang Li asks his men to go inside the hotel, and here we get to see a great fight sequence between the Army men and Lee Yoon. We also see that Eon is now also with Lee Yoon as she also wants revenge from Gwang-Li. Gwang-Li sees that someone is on the second floor of the hotel and he asks his men to go there (Hee-Shin was there). Lee Yoon goes to the second floor to save Hee Shin, and he jumps from the second floor with that Army man.

Lee Yoon is now surrounded by Army men as he is outside the hotel. When it looks like everything is going to end and Lee Yoon is going to be killed, an arrow comes and kills the man who was pointing the gun toward Lee Yoon. We see that Choong Soo is also there with his men, and all of them start fighting with the Army and Police.

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Choong Soo asks Lee Yoon to go and deliver the money. Lee Yoon and Hee-Shin take the money to deliver to the Independence Army, and they are followed by Gwang-Li and his men, but ultimately Hee-Shin manages to reach her destination. Before leaving, Hee-Shin tells Lee Yoon to take care and meet again. Lee Yoon kisses Hee-Shin and tells her his real name and leaves from there.

Hee-Shin remembers everything from the last few years, and she is in tears, and the episode ends here.



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