‘Maris’ Love Is Blind: Everyone wants to find their true love and settle down by marrying. Maris is one of them, she is one of the contestants in Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 5, and we will tell you about everything from her dislikes to her likes.

Maris is in her late 30s and she is working as a HR Specialist. She is looking for a guy who can handle her and not start quarreling about her hair getting everywhere. Yes, she has very long hair. She was dating a guy for over six years, but that didn’t end well, so Maris is now looking for a perfect guy.

The most important thing about her is that she is a family-oriented person, so she will bring her future husband to their family parties and get-togethers. Maris is also a foodie, so the guy who will love her will never be hungry.

Maris is on Instagram and she has a total of 2k+ Followers(right now), she has been on Instagram since 2012 but started posting photos in 2017.




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