The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Episode 3: “The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic” is an ongoing adventure fantasy action romantic show that is already out now in the Japanese language with multi-language subs. We have already posted a recap of the previous 2 episodes; do check that out before reading for episode 3.

Episode 3 starts with Ms. Rose making Usato go to the forest and bring that animal dead which she wanted. Ms. Rose throws Usato into the forest, and Usato landed in the forest. He was feeling confident when suddenly one big bear appeared in front of him, and he got scared. An intro appears.

The bear was running behind Usato. After that, more bears came that were blue grizzles. Usato jumped into the water, and he was swimming inside the water. He saved himself and was taking rest near a tree. Usato marked his first day as survived.

Usato again goes inside the forest. He can sense enemies, but suddenly, one small cute rabbit appeared who was very hurt. Usato used his healing power to heal that rabbit. That small rabbit was following Usato all the way. The rabbit was running behind Usato. Usato told him to not come behind him, and that rabbit took Usato to the den of Grand Grizzlies, and that rabbit was very useful for Usato.

Usato was seeing those grizzlies. Suddenly, Usato was feeling bad after drinking the lake water; he was healing himself. The rabbit took Usato to a spot where clean water was there. Usato climbs a tree with the rabbit, and the rabbit was feeling scared because they just saw a big white cobra snake. Usato also got tensed after seeing that snake.

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The family of grizzlies was sleeping. Usato had to take them to Ms. Rose. On the next day, the rabbit and Usato go inside the forest again. Usato took out his knife and, before he could kill them, the grizzlies were already dead; there were a lot of blood marks on their bodies. The child grizzle was still alive.

The child started crying, and Usato felt bad for that child, and Usato said he will take revenge for the child. On the other side, Usato’s friends came to visit them, but he wasn’t in his house; they didn’t know that Usato is in the forest.

Usato started doing exercises and eating healthy; the rabbit was with him. Usato sees that big snake in front of his eyes, and he was about to attack that snake. Usato attacked with a sword on the snake’s eyes. Usato tricked the snake by putting a knife inside the tongue of the snake.

Usato was healing himself, and the small grizzle cub was also there. Usato started beating that snake, and Usato was successful in killing that big snake. But the snake was still alive. Usato said to the cub to go away; Usato was saying in his mind about Rose that she’s a bad woman, and suddenly she came to save Usato. And Captain Rose killed that big snake.

After that, one twist came that the rabbit which was living with Usato was a pet of Ms. Rose. Rose started telling about the snake that it was created by the demon’s army. Rose said to Usato that it was successful to take you in this forest. The cub was getting angry, and Usato started loving that cub. Usato was taking that cub with him to the house.

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Ms. Rose lifted the cub Usato and the rabbit in her hands; she said to Usato not to expect any sleep. Ms. Rose said to Usato that the army of demons will be attacking very soon.

After that, we can see Amila Vergett, the commander of the third army. They started preparation for an upcoming battle, and the episode 3 ends.



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