Sung Jin Woo In Solo Leveling: The first character that makes a mark in Episode 1 of the much-awaited Anime Show ‘Solo Leveling’ is Sung Jin Woo. Many of you were requesting to know more about the character and some other details such as Power, Height, and other things. Here we are going to answer all your queries.

The entry sequence for Jin Woo was very average in Episode 1. We get to see Jin Woo when a team is gathering up before going on a mission. Sung Jin Woo is the weakest and least powerful hunter of the entire group, and he can’t even defend himself. We get to see Sung Jin Woo with scars and bandages on his face.

The scars were from the last battle that he fought where he hardly managed to survive. Sung Jin Woo is very courageous, as later in Episode 1, we get to see that he tries to kill a demon, but his knife breaks into pieces, and then he is saved by some other hunter.

One thing is sure Sung Jin Woo is very powerful in terms of willpower, but he lacks those natural power and weapons. The way he is being presented in Episode 1, it is very much possible that he will turn out to be one of the greatest hunters by the end of the show. Something magical and going to happen for sure, which will induce enormous power into him. To know that, you need to watch all the upcoming episodes of the show.

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Now coming to the voice actor of the character. The voice of the character is given by Taito Ban. He is known for shows like ‘The Angel Next Door,’ ‘Handsome Detectives,’ and more. He was also there in ‘Vinland Saga’ and ‘One Punch Man.’ Many of you were asking about the height of the character. There are high chances that the character is of moderate height, and his height will be around 5’5. The Hindi dubbed voice of the character is Rajesh Shukla.

  • Name: Sung Jin Woo
  • Age: 21-22
  • Height – Around 5’5
  • Rank – E Grade
  • Skills –  Longevity, Powerfull Immunity and Detoxification
  • Weapons – Knight Killer

Thus, that was all about the character Sung Jin Woo. What do you think about this character? Drop your thoughts in the comments.


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