Shanika Malcolm Instagram: Naked And Solo aired on discovery Channel And Doing Well This Show had a good response from Audiences Which is A Good Thing.

Many Survival Shows Came But This Is One Of The Toughest Shows Ever On Discovery Network This Show will show the 21 Days Journey Of Contestants Let’s see who’s here to win the trophy And Prize Money Of One Million Dollars Every Contestant Receives 5000 Dollar Stipends Contestants Do Get extra Rewards Also Which Is Approximately 24000 Dollars.

Want to know About Every Contestant? We’re Here to Keep You Covered, Now Talking About the Contestant Shanika Malcolm;

Shanika Malcolm Is A Jamaican Woman she’s A Yoga Teacher a Mother 3 She’s A Single Parent She Made History When She Participated In a 21-day Challenge she became the first afro-indigenous woman to complete A 21 Day Challenge.

Her Instagram I’d Is @moonchildhealimg_sm.



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