James Lewis Instagram: Naked And Afraid Solo Did A Brilliant Job In Terms Of Viewership This Proves Audiences Like The Concept Of Survival Shows And Difficulties. In this show, there will be no mercy And the Contestants Have To Survive From Harsh Conditions.

Will they be able to survive Or They’ll Tap Out? This is the eighth Franchise Of Most Battled Survival Game Shows. In this contestants Have To Survive 21 Days of Solo.

This will take place in harsh Environments Wether It’ll be rain, cold Or Hot They’ve to Complete To Assign Task Many Of You Were Excited To know the details of the contestants Of The Series So We’ve Detailed Information Of Each Contestant we’re Going to share

Talking About The Contestant James Lewis

James Lewis From Tallahassee, Florida Said He wants to complete This challenge Solo For His Father Who passed Away Recently He’s In The Show with a lot Of Determination. He’s an expert when it comes To Making Traps So He’ll Put Up Some Traps To Eliminate Other Rivals In The Show will he be able to win The Show? Before this also James Has taken part in 2 challenges and he completed both of them.

His Instagram I’d Is @james_exploring



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