Sergio In ‘Muted’ Netflix El silencio: Netflix has just released a gripping psychological crime thriller series, which you can watch on Netflix with 6 episodes. As of now, the show is not available in Hindi.

Now, let’s talk about the main leading character of this show, “Muted.”

The leading character of the show “Muted” is Sergio Ciscar. Many viewers are curious to know if this is a real-life character or a fictional character. The answer is that the show is totally a work of fiction, and there is no reality related to it. Sergio was the balcony killer in the series. There is a true story behind the starting scene of the series, inspired by the case of Jose Rabadan.

He was a 16-year-old teen who, in April 2000, woke up in the morning and killed his parents and his younger sister using a katana. That murder was so brutal that it shook the entire police department. The cops were literally shocked by the incident.

The character of Sergio is self-controlling, and he has issues with a short temper. That’s why his mother always tells him that he should meditate. Like Sergio, there are many cases in which a child kills his/her own parents. Sergio Ciscar is not a real murderer. The character of Sergio in the series is played by Aron Piper. You may know him from the Spanish original series “Elite.



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