‘Muted’ Ending Explained Who Died and Jumped At the End: Netflix’s original thriller series is now streaming with all six episodes. The show is receiving love worldwide, and audiences are confused about the ending. In this post, we are going to tell you about the ending of the show. Many of you were confused about the ending, and one of the most asked questions is: who died at the end of the show? Was it Anna or Sergio?

Before jumping into the ending, let’s have a recap of the show. The show tells the story of Sergio, who is accused of killing his own parents. Throughout the investigation, he never spoke with anyone. As he was a minor, he was granted bail after a few years and later released. When Sergio was released, a psychologist named Anna starts following him to study his case further. Cameras and surveillance were set up in his house and apartment, and he was monitored 24×7 by Anna and her team. In the series, we also get to see Natanael, who owns a Green House Farm and claims to work as a therapist and reformer for the accused like Sergio. Sergio joins him, and he starts going to the farm for peace and all.

We also get introduced to a new character named Marta, who is portrayed as Sergio’s lover. She is obsessed with him, and he likes her too. When Sergio came out of prison, he starts looking for his sister Noah, and he wants Marta to help him with that. On the other hand, Anna is still following him and spying on him. As the episode progresses, we also see that Anna has a soft spot for Sergio, and she is slightly obsessed with him.

Now, jumping to the climax of the show, in the last few minutes, we see that Anna is completely obsessed with Sergio and she tries to kiss him in front of everyone at Sergio’s house. When Noah, Anna’s adopted daughter, and Sergio’s sister, reaches Sergio’s house, she reveals the shocking truth about how Sergio killed his parents. After revealing everything, Noah asks Anna to be with her, but Anna denies it and chooses to stay in Sergio’s building.

Who Died In Muted

Then, a shocking twist happens in the last few minutes of the episode where we see Anna and Sergio on the balcony, and a shadowy figure jumps off the balcony. Now, the interesting question is: who died at the end of the episode?

Well, the show ends with an open ending, and now it’s all up to the audience’s interpretation to decide who died at the end of the episode. Here, we are going to give you our theory about who died at the end. According to our theory, it was Anna who jumped off the balcony, and she is now dead. There are various reasons behind it. Anna has lost everything—her job, her family, and her daughter. With Sergio going back to prison, Anna is all alone, and she decided to end her life with the help of Sergio.

Sergio is used to living like this, and he will be in jail again. There is no confirmation about season 2 of the show, but it will be interesting to see what the makers have in store for us in season 2.



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