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Ana In ‘Muted’ Netflix: Actress Name, Who Plays? – Character Explained

Ana In ‘Muted’ Netflix: In the Spanish original series “Muted,” Ana Dussuel is a character who is a psychiatrist. She has tried an experiment on Sergio to get to know about his psychological behavior. The character of Ana Dussuel is played by Spanish actress Almudena Ana.

When does Ana meet Sergio?

Ana meets Sergio during the investigation of his parents’ murder, which occurred at midnight. The character of Sergio reminds us of Joe Goldberg from “You” because Joe was also a very sharp and smart man. Ana says that there are a lot of possibilities that Sergio might have killed his own parents. However, Sergio was way too smart. He planned everything cleverly, and because of that, Ana wasn’t able to create a psychological profile.

Ana was also very smart when Sergio got released after 6 years. She obtained permission from a judge to run a trial on Sergio to determine his psychological behavior again. For that, Ana made a plan and set up hidden cameras inside his apartment to track him down. Ana developed an obsession with Sergio.

Later, Ana comes to know that she had already worked with Sergio’s mother, and they had a relationship like that of a daughter and mother.

Ana and her husband, Benat, adopted a daughter named Noa, and Ana was really happy with her. She said that Noa is the best thing for their marriage. However, Ana didn’t know her daughter well. Noa’s school performance was significantly downgraded.



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