Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 4: The episode starts with Ramona’s ex-boyfriend, Lucas Lee, who is living his life as a celebrity in California. Lucas is a skating enthusiast and always skates throughout the city, putting his legacy in trouble as he is very reckless.

Lucas’ agent calls him and tells him to do a movie in Toronto; his previous movies were flops, and his city people also hate him. He needs to make a big comeback through this movie, or his stardom will be gone. Lucas agrees to it and goes to Toronto.

Ramona sees the news and goes to the Toronto film studio, where she meets Young Neil. It turns out the script Neil wrote in the previous episode is now being made. Ramona talks to him and sees Envy Adams having the same hair as Ramona. The movie script Neil wrote was about Scott Pilgrim; in his script, Scott won the fight with Matthew Patel and also beat the other Evil Exes members for Ramona. Lucas Lee is playing the role of Scott Pilgrim.

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Wallace comes to the shoot to see who is playing his role. Wallace doesn’t like the guy’s acting, so he calls out. The director likes Wallace’s attitude and asks him to act himself in the movie. Ramona meets Lucas in his trailer; Ramona asks Lucas if he kidnapped Scott, which Lucas denies. Lucas laughs at the script as in the script it was written that Lucas Lee would be defeated by Scott Pilgrim.

Lucas asks Ramona why she liked Scott, as he might be the worst person ever. Scott was dating a 16-year-old girl and tells Ramona to stop looking for Scott. Ramona laughs at Lucas, as the news channel is running news on Lucas dating a 16-year-old girl. The girl was playing the role of Knives Chau; Lucas tells Ramona that the actress is actually 32, and it’s all propaganda against him.

Paparazzi attack Lucas for getting photos. We see a big and badass action animated sequence. Lucas falls on a closed film studio while fighting The Paparazzi. Ramona goes to the studio and asks Lucas if she can help him. Lucas remembers his high school days when Ramona used to help him when he fell from his skateboard.

Ramona left Lucas, which helped Lucas become the biggest star. Lucas accepts Ramona’s help and hides under Ramona’s bag. Ramona takes Lucas out of the studio; Lucas tells Ramona that he was in a party when Matthew attacked Scott. Lucas leaves the place.

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Ramona sees Todd Ingram coming out of the portal; Ramona suspects Todd Ingram in Scott’s kidnapping. Todd goes to the security office and asks them to let him in as he is going to audition for Scott Pilgrim.



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