Clarence In ‘3 Body Problem’ Actor Name: Netflix presents an eight-episodic novel-based fantasy thriller show called ‘3 Body Problem’. This popular show is created by the creators of Game of Thrones. The show deals with many science fiction and fantasy elements. The plot revolves around a group of highly talented scientists preparing for a war against the alien invasion, which is going to happen in 400 years. The world government authorities and scientists jointly organise a team to protect the earth from aliens.

Clarence Da Shi is a cunning detective in the show ‘3 Body Problem‘. He’s a fearless cop, who never cared about how much dangerous is it to go against the aliens. Clarence Da Shi’s role is portrayed by well-known Marvel actor Benedict Wong. He is very famous after his appearances in marvel movies like Doctor Strange, Avengers Infinity War, Spiderman No Way Home and the Netflix series Marco Polo. His character as Clarence is a complete changeover from his recent works.

Clarence once worked in a crime investigation department, then later he got transferred into James Wade’s leadership. Clarence lost his wife long ago, and now he is living with his one and only son. Clarence worried about his son’s future plans, his son was always in front of the television and used to play games all the time. Clarence is a smoking addict, he gets tempted to smoke easily no matter where he is. James Wade didn’t like him smoking inside the office compound, he used to complain about it.

Clarence’s way of investigating always ended up in good results. The reason why James Wade kept Clarence under his loyal workers list is because of his dedication and final results. No matter how tough the task is, Clarence puts his hundred per cent effort into it. Clarence has a knack for getting answers from the suspects, he used to hit their weak points to gather more answers and information. Clarence started his investigation into the unusual murders of the scientists long ago, after instructions from James Wade.

Clarence found the possibility of the upcoming deaths of top scientists, he gathered information about the connection between all the deaths. After the death of Dr. Vera, he began to follow the wealthiest businessman Mike Evans. Other than Mike Evans’s close circle, Clarence is the only outsider who finds out that Mike Evans is the father of Dr. Vera. Clarence finds out that the scientists are dying because of a weird Virtual reality game. He saw the VR headset from the apartments of the deceased scientists.

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Clarence put bugs inside Jin Cheng’s computer and saw her playing the game. He gathered more information about the San-Ti after joining Jin Cheng. Clarence also followed Jack Rooney, he was in front of Jack’s apartment when Tatiana brutally killed him. Clarence explained the mistakes done by Ye Wenjie, later she got realised the wrongdoings and it made her stop going further. Clarence also comforted Jin Cheng and Saul after knowing about the initial failure of the Staircase project.

That’s all about the character of Clarence Da Shi from ‘3 Body Problem’. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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