Shakereh Khaleeli Daughter: Prime Video’s newly released original documentary series “Dancing on the Grave” is based on the bone-chilling murder case of Shakereh Khaleeli in Bengaluru. Sabah Khaleeli is the daughter of Shakereh Khaleeli and is featured in the show.

In this post, we will provide you with details about the real person, name, image, and other related information about the show’s character.

Shakereh Khaleeli was married to Akbar Khaleeli, and they had four daughters, Zeebundeh Khaleeli (b. 1965 in Madras), Sabah Khaleeli (b. 1966 in Delhi), Rehane Yavar Khaleeli (b. 1969 in Paris), and Begum Esmath Khaleeli.

After their divorce in 1985, Shakereh married Murali Manohar Mishra, and all her daughters moved to New York. However, Sabah, who was a model in Mumbai, loved her mother deeply and frequently called her.

One day, when Shakereh did not call Sabah, she called her stepfather, who informed her that her mother was not at home. When this happened repeatedly, Sabah became suspicious and reported her mother missing in 1991. The police began investigating, and we learn from the series how much Sabah loved her mother, which led to the investigation.

Fortunately, Sabah is alive and living her own life.

That concludes the real story of Sabah Khaleeli featured in the Prime Video show Dancing on the Grave. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Poonam Bhatia on

    But how fid the lady make such a drastic mistake?This schmuck was kachra !Naturally after the gilt has worn off,he had bevome accustomed to a lifestyle he had never imagined !Gyms and breakfast at the Taj and wines et als!And how could he sell the land on the basis of a power- of attorney when the Principal was dead and the Power no longer valid?The sales were void and the land should revert to the Khsleelis!In any case he cannot take advantage of his own wrong-doing Where is the money for this litigation coming from.He undoubtedly has cached away enormous funds!Sjould be traced by a forensic auditor!

  2. Chander Mishra on

    The brutal act by shraddhanand..I’m ashamed of him as he was a brahmin. Brahmins don’t do such heinous act. He must be hanged.

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