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Rough Diamonds Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained

Rough Diamonds Episode 7: Out of a total of 8 episodes, We have already covered the 6 Episodes Recap of the show. Now here goes the Episode 7 Recap and Ending of the Netflix original Show ‘Rough Diamonds.’

In episode 07 of Rough Diamonds, we see Noah meeting Matthias. He informs him that they won’t be able to make the delivery on time. Matthias asks what Noah has to tell the police. Noah assures him that he won’t tell a word to the police.

Prosecutor Smets faces backlash for her operation. Kerra calls Noah and informs him to meet her at the station. Kerra tells Noah that they have stopped shipments. Kerra asks Noah for some stones to make Matthias believe everything is back to normal. On the other hand, Gila and Yehuda have a conversation over a phone call about their future.

Noah goes to Eastland Diamonds to meet Marie. Noah asks Marie to talk to her boss for help in supplying stones. Smets screams at Olivier as he didn’t let her see the settlement before it was finalized. Noah and Adina come to know that their settlement is on hold because of the prosecutor. Noah asks Gila about her wedding. Gila leaves the place without giving Noah an answer. Noah meets Marie and apologizes to her for their last conversation. Noah informs Kerra about his plan to get diamonds.

He also says this would be the last time he would be doing something illegal as he doesn’t want Tommy to grow up around such a mess. Noah seeks Matthias’ help in stealing diamonds. Noah and Adina execute their plan. Noah tells the Wolfsons that he is leaving to London. He reaches Wolfson’s office and opens the window for his partner to get in. Guillaume is concerned that their heist plan might fail.

He asks for a small cut of seventy carats to help Noah. The family is concerned about Eli’s absence at the Jewish New Year’s dinner. Noah and Guillaume wear their masks and enter the building. They both enter the building, and Noah shuts down the security alarm. Noah cuts down the CCTV camera connection. Guillaume starts drilling the vault while Noah steps out to keep a watch. Eli appears as soon as the family starts the prayer.

To Noah’s surprise, a security guard comes to check if everything is fine. Noah stops Guillaume as he tries to shoot the security guard. They open the vault and take the diamonds. Noah and Guillaume fight as Noah asks him to wait to get his cut. Noah throws Guillaume down and enters his office.

The next morning, Marie enters her office and is in shock after seeing that the diamonds have been stolen. Noah hands over the briefcase to Matthias and leaves. The episode ends with Noah calling Smets to meet him, and as the camera turns, we see Benny at her office.


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