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Rough Diamonds Ending Explained | Netflix

Rough Diamonds Ending Explained: Netflix’s original Newly released 8 Episodic series Rough Diamonds ends with a shocking twist. The show is loved all over the Globe and now many of our readers are looking for the ending Explanation of the last episode of the show. Here we are going to do the same.

Please read the Recaps of Episode 7 and Episode 6 for a Better understanding. The Final episodes Start from where the Episode ended.

The news is all over the media about the theft in the mining company. Nicole informs Smets that they found a French man on the ground near the office and assumes the other ran with the diamonds, leaving him there. Noah leaves a voice message for Marie about her well-being. Noah shares the good news with Kerra but also tells her that Guillaume is still there after their disagreement.

Tova warns Gila to be prepared for people asking about Yanki in New York. Noah visits Gila and asks if she would come with him to London. Gila agrees to move in with Noah, and the couple exchanges a warm kiss and hug. Goldman inquires of Adina about the settlement being revoked. Adina informs him that only one person is blocking the settlement, and Goldman gives her a week’s time.

Eli and Noah meet Smets. Noah tells her he has information about the location where Albanians keep their dirty money in return for the settlement. Smets refuses to accept their deal because it’s against her principles. She tells them that even if Eli doesn’t speak on her behalf, she has got another person who would speak about Wolfson’s.

Smets is told that she would be suspended if she wouldn’t allow the settlement to pass. Noah, Eli, and Adina meet Benny at his residence. Benny is upset because of Wolfson; everyone has turned their back on him. Benny refuses to speak to the prosecutor and asks them to leave his house. Olivier suggests to Smets to let this go.

Kerry calls Noah and informs him that she has received the diamonds. Tommy is upset as Noah tells him they have to leave for London. Noah visits Marie. Marie tells Noah that they have to shut down. Noah says he could help Marie in getting a new job. Adina brings Tova to her place and makes her say that Benny’s son is different and records the conversation. Noah and Eli play the recording in front of Benny and blackmail him to send the recording to Benny’s son’s father-in-law.

They make him call Smets. Noah tells Smets to sign off on the deal as Benny is no longer helping her. Gila comes to Noah and tells him that she is ready to move as soon as possible as Yehuda still thinks she is waiting for him.

Smets informs her boss that she will let the deal go through and says she has a couple of demands. She tells them that she knew where the missing stones were. Adina expresses her concern that she might not be able to handle the business anymore.

Noah gets a call from Smets and comes to know that there aren’t any diamonds at the place where he informed her. Smets warns him to know the exact location of the diamonds or else she would arrest him on suspicion of robbery. Noah is told that one of their police guys tipped them off, and they moved the diamonds. Noah is beaten by Matthias’ men as he asks for the diamonds’ exact location. Noah is later arrested by the police.

Smets questions Noah if he had managed to find out anything. Noah gives Smets the location of the diamonds, i.e., Kerra’s house. Noah visits Gila and says that they can’t go to London. Gila says she has decided to marry Yahuda.

Gila says she doesn’t trust Noah anymore and is leaving for New York after Yom Kippur. The police arrive at Kerra’s place and arrest her. The police recover all the stolen diamonds. Shooters shoot Matthias on his way. The final episode ends with Noah and Tommy sharing a warm look at each other.



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