Rough Diamonds Episode 2: The second episode begins with Noah, Benny, Eli, and Adina attending a meeting. During the meeting, it is revealed that Wilson Diamonds purchased rough stones for 1.5 million on credit, and the debt has not yet been settled. Eli suggests paying in installments with interest, but the opposite party does not accept his negotiation.

Since Eli is now the CEO of Wolfson Diamond, as Father has stepped back from the business, Fogel and Sons say they won’t believe in a long-term settlement. Fogel and Sons give 14 days to clear the debt. Benny suggests disclosing this to Father, while Adina thinks of selling the company to repay the debts. Noah interrupts their conversation by asking about the person who owes them money.

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Smets comes to know that the diamonds they found are from an Albanian container and thinks Albanians are laundering money in this way, and she wants to find the source. Noah meets Gila and says he is going to stay there for a while. Gila says she is giving Yanki’s clothes for charity. Noah asks if she has ever asked about Yanki’s work, to which she replies that she knew he had issues with the firm and nothing else. A major revelation takes place when Gila discloses that Noah abandoned her when she was 20, and Yanki stepped in Noah’s shoes and married her.

Further, Gila and Noah discuss their unhappy married life. Noah takes Yanki’s mobile while leaving the place. Noah abducts Salman Karim, the person who owes Wolfson money, in a van. Salman says he can’t pay them until his client pays him. Noah gives him a deadline to repay the money and leaves him. Sarah talks with Tate (Father) that she wants Noah for Sabbath dinner as this is their last chance to see their grandchild Tommy.

Later in the evening, Noah and Tommy come for the Sabbath dinner. Eli reveals to Benny that he fixed the situation with Fogal by convincing the principal to expel Fogal’s son from Yeshiva. Grandpa Ezra gifts Tommy a little hat during dinner. The ladies of the family discuss remarrying Gila in the kitchen. Benny and Noah have a little argument at the table.

Noah gets up as Father comes and starts the prayer. Noah sits with Gila, and both of them have a heart-to-heart conversation. Kerra arrives at the doorstep of Wolfson’s. Kerry warns Noah to return to London or be ready to face the consequences. Fogal takes back the two-week time he has given to Eli and asks him to repay all the money by Monday. Major fire breaks out at Sammy’s shop as Kerry, Tommy, and Noah keep walking along the street.

Noah visits Salman and beats him up, suspecting he caused the fire. Salman reveals his clients are none other than the Albanian mob. Noah explains things to Kerry and asks her to give him some time to sort things out with his family. Kerry says she knew a bloke there who could set up a meeting with Albanians.

Smets, on the other side, is continuing her investigation. She thinks the Wolfson family is behind all this after seeing the pics of Noah hitting Salman. The episode ends with Noah agreeing to Kerry and meeting the bloke, unbeknownst to someone capturing him on camera.



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