Copenhagen Cowboy Episode 1 Recap, Summary & Explained: Netflix’s latest noir-thriller, Copenhagen Cowboy, is created by Nicolas Winding Refn and is a Danish series.

In this article, I am going to recap along with the ending explained, which can clear up all your doubts regarding this if you feel you are missing something.


Episode 1 is titled “Miu the Mysterious,” and the story begins with a young woman, considered the main character, named Miu, who is invited to the Rosella house, where a man tries to touch her, and then she goes to a room where she receives a list of things she needs to do.

Where we find that Rosella is wise is that she wants to have a baby, which she wants to have easily, and we find that she pays Miu around 10,000 kroner, where we find that Miu has some spiritual powers. After that, we see Rosella’s brother, Andre, who doesn’t believe in spiritual things.

We also see that Andre is running a club in her basement, where a bunch of women work as prostitutes, and Miu works as Rosella’s personal assistant, We also see Sven and Rosella having s3x while Miu is forced to sit and watch, and we discover that Sven is not a good husband.

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After all this, Miu talks about his deal with Rosella, who feels like she is actually pregnant, and changes the price to 8,000 kroner. in which we discover that these women have been hit by an axe.

Ending Explained

At night, we found out that Rosella is actually not pregnant, and then she goes to meet in the basement, where she is not taken away with the other girls from the club. After that, we see Miu’s friend Cimona try to flee, but she is killed by Nicklas, and the episode comes to an end.

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