Copenhagen Cowboy Ep 2 Recap, Summary, Explained: Netflix’s latest noir-thriller, Copenhagen Cowboy, is created by Nicolas Winding Refn and is a Danish series. In this article, I will recap and explain the ending of Episode 2 to clear up any confusion, so let’s see what happens.

Recap & Summary

Episode 2, titled “Vengeance Is My Name,” opens exactly where episode 1 left off, with the club still in shock over Simona’s death and Andra questioning the club girls, with everyone believing Miu is on target as she instills negative thoughts in Simona’s heads.

Following that, we see Rosella’s niece continue to have dates with a man named Dardan, which are arranged by Miu, who is also a diner. After that, we find out that the blood is Miu’s, which means she is the destruction. Due to all this, Rosella is very angry and grabs her gun, telling Sven to keep an eye on Miu so that she doesn’t run away.

Again, we see Rosella take her to Andre’s club and request that she use her as protection and inform him that she is still a virgin. Andre’s men then arrive and take her to a location, where we discover that four men known as “Pig” have already slept with Miu.

At the club, we see that Miu says that Dardan is seeing Andre’s daughter and says that both are in love and plan to get married, and then they plan to find the man who killed Cimona but find out that it is Nicklas, and they plan to find the man.

Ending Explained

After all this, Miu sits and waits for someone at a restaurant where the owner says that the kitchen is closed. After that, she is about to leave when a pregnant woman quickly comes near her and tells her not to close the restaurant as she needs help. After that, Miu, who is feeding her pigs, told her to let her help with whatever she needed.

Miu then took her to the bed to force her to deliver the baby here, but the baby had already been born; Miu then held the baby, and the baby began crying. After that, Miu tells her to stay and tells the restaurant owner to offer her room number 11, where she left to meet Rosella, and where Miu tells her that she was kidnapped by aliens, which we see in the later episodes.

This is all about Episode 2, so let me know what you think about it and how much you enjoy the show in the comments section.



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