Rhys Montrose You Season 4: YOU Season 4 Part 1 has been released recently on Netflix and the wait has been worth it. With the addition of new characters that are not just shrewd but also dangerous, the Season turns Joe into the stalked rather than the stalker which is a change of pace as Joe tries to make sense of what is happening and finding who is the real killer among those shrewd bunch that calls themselves each other’s friends.

If you’re interested in the characters, specifically Rhys Montrose in Season 4, you’re at the right place.

Rhys Montrose Character Explained: Who Plays Him?

Rhys Montrose is being played by Ed Speleers who is famous for acting in FOX’s Eragon and various other films. Now, coming to the character design, Rhys is probably the most sensible of all the friends of Malcolm’s. He is also the person whose book is suggested to him by Nadia, one of Joe’s students.

Rhys has had a difficult childhood which he turned into a memoir. He wrote about how he was born into poverty and raised by an unstable single mom and his life at that time was a mess.

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Later on, he found out that he was the son of a duke and then he cleaned himself, went to Oxford, and then wrote the memoir. Joe relates with Rhys a lot because of their turbulent childhood and his being a sensible person and how the toxicity of his friends has not changed him.

However, this could all be a sham because Rhys is expected to run for Mayor and as Joe suspects, he is not who he seems and might be doing all this in hiding because he has a public image and possible parliament char to protect.



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