Malcolm Harding In ‘You’ Season 4: YOU Season 4 Part 1 has been released recently on Netflix and the wait has been worth it. With the addition of new characters that are not just shrewd but also dangerous, the Season turns Joe into the stalked rather than the stalker which is a change of pace as Joe tries to make sense of what is happening and finding who is the real killer among those shrewd bunch that calls themselves each other’s friends.

If you’re interested in the characters, specifically Malcolm Harding in Season 4, you’re at the right place.

Malcolm Harding Character Explained: Who Plays Him??

Malcolm Arthur Harding is being played by Stephen Hagan who is famous for playing Leonardo Da Vinci in Medici: Masters of Florence which premiered on Netflix. Coming to the character design, Malcolm is the one that gets murdered in the first Episode itself and we get to know more about his character as the series progresses.

He is a Literature Professor at the same University where Joe teaches in fact, he lends a helping hand to Joe when he needed accommodation to live.

He is friendly, maybe over-friendly which Joe does not like. Now, he comes from a family of very rich people. He had the perfect education followed by a career in academics. He invites Joe to Sundry House. He drinks too much and is a drug-loving person and he is the one that introduces Joe to Kate and the group.

However, with all that we see Malcolm might seem like someone cunning but he was actually caring for his girlfriend Kate and helped her in many ways.



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