Relationship Between Principle Lim & Kitty’s Mother: Netflix Original presents a romantic drama series, “XO Kitty,” which is a spin-off series from the hit film series “To All the Boys.”

In this series, we saw a connection between Lim and Kitty’s mom. Before discussing this, let’s talk about the story. Kitty, the youngest Covey sister, went to the “Korean Independent School of Seoul, K.I.S.S,” to find secrets about her mom and met her boyfriend Dae. However, she faces lots of secrets and incidents there.

From Kitty’s mother’s album, it’s clear that she has a connection with Principal Lim. Basically, Kitty’s mom and Lim were close friends when they both studied at K.I.S.S in 1994. Their friendship was so deep that when Lim became pregnant, Kitty’s mom used her name so that Lim could give birth to the baby.

That baby is Alex Finnerty, who is now a teacher at K.I.S.S. Despite their strong friendship, something happened that created a distance between them. The details of what caused them to drift apart will likely be revealed in the next season.

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