Redmond in ‘Knock at the Cabin’: Redmond is one of the members of the horsemen group, which is under Leonard’s group, and he has a short temper and becomes very angry quickly.

He also has a connection with the past of Andrew and Eric, whereas his character is totally different in the film, and he always has a set of tools in the form of long knives, whereas he wants them to quickly decide on the fate of one of them for the world.

Rupert Grint played the role of Redmond, whereas in the film we see that he changes his name, in the final phase of the film we see that his name is Rory and he has been in prison for a long time due to bar fights, whereas Grint had done a perfect role for this character.

Aside from the fact that we have already seen Rupert Grint in many films and series, including Snatch, Sick Note, and Servent, where he is popularly known for Ron Weasley’s role in the Harry Potter franchise.



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