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A Girl and an Astronaut Ending Explained | Netflix

A Girl and an Astronaut Ending Explained: The latest Polish Sci-Fi Romantic series is now streaming on Netflix in both English and Polish language, the series is a total of 6 episodes long with an average runtime of 45-50 minutes. Here in this article, I am going you give to explain the ending of the series so let’s get started.

The series is about a girl Marta who is now living in 2052 but was trapped in a love triangle in 2022 with two Polish army fighter pilots Bogdan and Niko who were astronauts now Niko disappears somewhere in space and she is left with no choice but to marry with Bogdan.

But after 30 years out of nowhere, Niko has returned from space and the guy who was supposed to be dead till now has not aged a day yet and was the same as he was 30 years ago.

Back in 2022, Marta was very confused between Bogdan and Niko as Niko was going on a mission by SkyCom the mission was supposed to last 24 hours and Niko when Marta and his friend Bogdan were waiting for Niko their ship lost connection and they disappeared in space and Marta left with no choice but to marry Bogdan later and he also told him that Niko is dead which was a big lie.

Later we came to know that the chairman of SkyCom was an evil man and the mission which was supposed to last 24 hours go on for 30 years, however, what happened to Niko in space was not revealed in the season this season specially focused mainly on their love triangle.

Later when Marta came to know that Niko is alive she was very angry with her husband as he told a lie to him, but after a failed experiment Niko is of no use to the agency he is working for so they decided to get rid of him but Niko was able to escape from there and was able to reach Poland where Marta is living currently. Marta was so surprised to see him alive, and Niko tells her that he love her so much and was ready to accept her even in her old body.

Now Niko has returned, Bogdan again asked Marta to choose between him and Niko, the end of the series is very confusing and seems like something is missing as in the end Niko is captured again by the authority and we can see Marta walking alone and Narrator confirms her choice that she always wanted to live alone and not like to anybody control her life decision.

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So there is the end of season one of the series hopes you like our article you can also read the review of the series here. Stay tuned for more content.



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