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Leonard In ‘Knock At The Cabin’ | Actor Name, Who Plays?

Leonard In ‘Knock At The Cabin’: Leonard is the leader of the group of four horsemen, and we learn that he is a second-grade teacher. He believes he has a vision and discovers that the world will end due to the apocalypse.

so he offers them to Scarif, one of the three members so that no one faces the apocalypse, which is nearing its end. whereas, with the help of three horsemen, he has to save the world.

Dave Bautista played Leonard, whose sole motivation is to save the world from apologetics; for that purpose, he is willing to go to any length. He also embodied the role of the perfect villain in the movie, but with a sweetheart.

whereas we have already seen Dave Bautista in several films and series like Dune, Blade Runner 2049, and the Apple TV+ series In “The Guardians of the Galaxy,” he is best known as Drax.



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