Red Rose Episode 1: Red Rose is a British horror thriller drama series that is now streaming on Netflix. This series was created by Paul and Michael Clarkson, who also wrote the story. This series attempts to investigate how smartphone phobia affects teenagers and other details that we see in this series.

In this article, I am going to recap and also try to explain the ending explanation of this series, whereas, in episode 1, we see how this app is going to change the view of the teenagers and more details about this series, which we see in the later episodes.

Recap And Summary

The first episode, titled “It’s Grim Up North,” begins in Manchester, UK, with Alyssa walking home alone, going home without any excitement, while her mother is unable to pick her up from school. When she comes home alone, the main plot begins, and something strange is happening.

where we discover that everything in her house opens and closes, whereas it comes to a halt when her mother arrives but is late, where we discover that she jumps from her roof and dies, whereas her phone is beside her and the credits roll.

After that, the scene shifts to six months later, and after that, events take place where we see a new character, which we introduced with Rochelle, and where we also see some more characters named Ashley, Wren, Antony, Roche, and Noah, where we see that they are too excited about their high school.

Later, we see Noah and Wren kissing, and we see that they are celebrating, and we see that she opens a link that sends us to a link for an app called Red Rose, and when we click it, it says “welcome to the new you” on the screen. Where we see that the scene shifts to Roche’s family, where her family includes his father and his kids.

While Roche is alone, a message appears on her phone through an app, telling her to make three wishes, which she writes on the mirror as “power, wealth, respect, and bites.” She says the message three times and sits with a red rose, hoping that this all goes away and everything returns to normal.

Ending Explained

After using this app at night, her behavior is totally different, and we see that Rachel is doing whatever she has done wrong to anyone, whereas she finds that this app is not shared by Becky. Scenes change, and a message prompts her phone to kiss Noah, but she declines, and the music stops playing.

We also see a video of herself in which a message tells her that if she doesn’t kiss her, something bad will happen, but she kisses Noah, and the episode ends with the twist that this app represents a portrait of the twins.

This is all about Episode 1, which includes a recap and an explanation of the ending, whereas in this episode they show how this app affects the person who used the phone, and it tells the user of the app to do that work, whereas, in the next episode, we will see what happened next and more details, and let me know in the comment box about your thoughts on Episode 1.



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