Rochelle In ‘Red Rose’ Netflix: Rochelle is one of the main lead characters from Netflix’s Red Rose. Red Rose is a BBC Three original series that was recently released on Netflix Internationally. Rochelle is a student, she is from a poor family.

Rochelle likes Noah but never confesses, and she finds out her best friend Wren is dating Noah. Rochelle downloads the Red Rose app that starts chaos in her and her friends’ lives.

Who Played Rochelle in Netflix’s Red Rose?

Scottish actress Isis Hainsworth played the lead role of Rochelle in Netflix’s Red Rose. Isis Hainsworth was recently seen in Netflix’s Film Metal Lords and Amazon’s Catherine Called Birdy, She was seen in films like Emma, Misbehaviour, and Series like One of Us, Harlots, Wanderlust, The Victim, and more.

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