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‘Four Samosas’ Complete Movie Cast: Who Plays Who?

Four Samosas Complete Movie Cast: “Four Samosas”, an AMC+ Original Movie has been served to us on a Romantic-Comedy/Slice Of Life platter which are big shoes to fill but what can’t a film with Indian Origin Actors trying to find themselves do, right?

The Film stars  Venk Potula, Sharmita Bhattacharya, Sonal Shah, Nirvan Patnaik, Summer Bishil, and Karan Soni, the film tells the story of a wanna-be rapper who finds out that his ex-girlfriend is engaged to his rival, he plans a heist to win her back but first they’re gonna have to pull a heist with a gang and in that process, he ends up finding his voice.

If you’ve watched the movie and are interested in who’s who, well we’ve got you covered.

Four Samosas Complete Movie Cast: Who Plays Who?

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Vinny In Four Samosas

Venk Potula: He plays Vinny, the wanna-be rapper who sets out to win the love of his life back after she gets engaged to his rival, Sanjay. Venk is known for his role as “Officer Brown” in Veep and a 3 part-animated series called “Subs”.

Zak In Four Samosas?

Nirvan Patnaik: He plays Zak, who is a complete Bollywood Freak and has a dream of becoming a Bollywood star. He works at Chaat Corner and likes Anjali. Nirvan is known for his roles in A More Perfect Reunion and a couple of short films.

Anjali In Four Samosas?

Sharmita Bhattacharya: She plays Anjali, who runs the local newspaper called The Great Little India Times where she’s the editor and the publisher and she also writes all the articles. She is really smart and a very good debater. She really likes Zak as well and tries to find ways to be with him. She has worked in Panic, Grown-ish and American Crime Story Season 3.

Sanjay In Four Samosas

Karan Soni: He plays Sanjay who is the rival of Venk and has gotten engaged to Rina, Vinny’s ex-girlfriend. He keeps trying to earn Rina’s father’s validation by trying to do things but he can’t seem to get that working. Karan Soni is quite famous for his roles in Miracle Workers, Deadpool Duology and more.

Paru In Four Samosas

Sonal Shah: She plays Paru who is an Indian Citizen who studied at IIT and then moved to the States to work there but she has been waiting for her Green Card for a long time now. She likes Indian Snacks and her engineering skills are close to null. She is known for her role in Scrubs, Superstore.

Rina In Four Samosas

Summer Bishil: She plays the infamous Rina for whom Vinny goes to the trouble of planning the heist. She runs a make-up boutique and she broke it off with Vinny after getting tired of his insecurity. Summer is known for her roles in Under The Silver Lake, Towelhead, and Return To Halloweentown.

Nikki In Four Samosas

Maya Kapoor: She plays Nikki, Vinny’s cousin who works at the Pizza Place her father runs. She is bad at rapping but she doesn’t let it stop her, she doesn’t care about others. She remembers the advice Vinny gives her. Maya is known for her roles in Definition Please (2020).

Pushpa In Four Samosas

Poonam Basu: She plays Pushpa who is the funniest character of the film. Well, for instance, all she does in the entire film is nod in exact same way and Vinny understands it. Or maybe he doesn’t and lets his subconscious do all the talking but it is hilarious. She is known for her role in Parks And Recreation, SWAT, and Baskets.

Ravi Kapoor In Four Samosas

Ravi Kapoor: He plays the priest in the film who is also Vinny’s father who abandoned him when he was little to take the holy path. Vinny comes to him from time to time for advice and he doesn’t give him anything, other than preaching about God. Ravi Kapoor is also the director of the film and he is known for Crossing Jordan (2001), Little America and Miss Indian America.

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Preeti In Fours Samosas

Sujata Day: She plays Preeti who is one of the revolutionaries who are asking people to sign their petition to change the name of Artesia to Aisetra. Sujata is well known for her work in Definition Please (2020) and Insecure.



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