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Noah In ‘Red Rose’ Netflix | Actor Name, Instagram, Age

Noah In ‘Red Rose’ Netflix: Noah is one of the supporting characters from Netflix’s Red Rose. Red Rose is a British horror thriller Series created by Michael and Paul Clarkson. Red Rose was first released on BBC Three on 15, August 2022 and now it’s released on Netflix Internationally.

Noah is one of the friends of Rochelle and Wren. Noah likes Wren and Wren also likes Noah. Noah became one of the reasons for a quarrel between Wren and Rochelle because Rochelle also likes Noah.

Who Played Noah in Netflix’s Red Rose?

British actor Harry Redding played the supporting role of Noah in Netflix’s Red Rose. Harry Redding is a theatre artist and he acted in To Kill a Mockingbird and Red Rose was Harry’s first TV Show.

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