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Raman Singh In ‘Mission Majnu’ | Real Person, Image | Netflix

Raman Singh In ‘Mission Majnu’: If you have landed here and you are looking to know more about Raman Singh from the Netflix original film ‘Mission Majnu’, there is a huge chance that you have finished the film and now you are looking to know more about him, here we will try to give you the info about the same.

The character of Raman Singh in Mission Majnu is Played by Kumud Mishra, Raman Singh is a senior RAW Agent that was active in Pakistan for so long and he is living in Pakistan as Maulvi, He helps Amandeep in the Mission, Here go the details, if this character is based upon real Person.

Like Amandeep, There is no Real Person is RAW named Raman Singh, RAW never make the names of their agent Public due to Privacy and security reasons, so there is a chance that the character of ‘Raman Singh’ is inspired by some other Spy Agent who name is not in the Public domain.

In the whole Film, The Character of Kao is the only character that uses the same reel and Real name, Rest all the characters from Mission Majnu uses fictional names.

Hope You got all your facts cleared about Raman Singh In ‘Mission Majnu’, what do you think about the film, please let us know in the comments.



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