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Mr. Kao RAW Real Image & Story | Mission Majnu | Netflix

Mr. Kao RAW Real Story & Image: Netflix’s original newly released film ‘Mission Majnu’ is now available to stream on Netflix, Fans were waiting for the film and now here goes all details about its Characters, One of the most crucial characters from the show is Mr. Kao aka Mr. R.N Rao, here we are going to tell about the character in more details.

The character of Mr. R.N Kao is Played by Parmeet Shetty, The character is based on the Real Life character of Mr. R.N Kao, who was the founder and First Cheif of the Indian spy Agency RAW, He was Raw officer from 1968 to 1977.

The character of Mr. Kao is based on the Real life story of the same Person, Mr. Kao was born in 1918 in Uttar Pradesh, He Graduated from the University of Allahabad, and later in 1968 he founded RAW after the approval from then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

The biggest reason behind the formation was RAW was the 1962 India-China War, when India was defeated badly, and then Operation Gibraltar which took Place in 1965, In 1968 Raw was formed and the Agents from the RAW gave crucial Inputs on Khuta Mission and many other Spy Missions.

Potrait of Rameshwar Nath Kao.jpg

Mr. Rao resigned from the RAW after the Failure of Mission Kahuta, Many Spies were Killed in Pakistan, after then Prime Minister Moraji Desai informed the Pakistan Army that Indian agents are there in Pakistan.



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