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‘Queenmaker’ Episode 11: Recap & Ending Explained | Netflix

Here we have reached the end of the series “Queenmaker,” which is available on Netflix. In this very last episode, let’s find out who will win this mayoral selection. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explanation.

So, it’s the last debate time of Kyung-sook and Baek-Jae, where Hwang-Do is busy saving Ji-Yeon’s life. On the other side, the secret info that Hwang-Do got in the previous episode already has been leaked to Baek-Jae, and someone has leaked it. Ji-Yeon is kidnapped, but her social account is being handled by someone else, who posted a fake suicide note and accused Kyung-sook. Hwang-Do found Ji-Yeon but was unable to save her. Dong-Joo comes to save Ji-Yeon and Hwang-Do, but he sacrifices himself and left there. On the other hand, Hwang-Do leaves with Ji-Yeon.

Kyung-sook is doing a live stream where she is giving a speech about women’s power. And now, Ji-Yeon is fine and is back in Kyung-sook’s live stream, where she clarifies that Baek-Jae is the father of her baby. Baek-Jae doesn’t want this, and that’s why he was trying to kill Ji-Yeon. He sent Char-young to get her out of the hospital, then put her in a car, where the guards will do their own job. Ji-Yeon speaks about I-Seul’s phone to Hwang-Do. I-Seul’s and Baek-Jae’s conversation audio is public in a stream by Kyung-sook.

But on that day, Baek-Jae pushed I-Seul from the rooftop of the building, and this is how I-Seul died. Baek-Jae sexually harassed her and then killed her. Also, Yoon was there to help Baek-Jae because, in the past, he framed Baek-Jae’s dad. That’s why Yoon is helping Baek-Jae by becoming her campaign.

So, this is how I-Seul and Hwang-Do win. This is how Kyung-sook is on the winning side. Ms. Son hired a killer and killed Baek-Jae. Finally, Kyung-sook of the People’s Reform Party won the 39th Seoul Mayor election.

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In the end, we see Hwang-Do being arrested for accepting 20 billion won of illegal campaign funds from the Ensung Groups. Also, we see how Kyung-sook is doing her work. A last conversation of Kyung-sook with Ms. Son, where she admits whatever she has won, is possible only for Hwang-Do. So, Hwang-Do makes her queen and also provides her with all the power.


This is how this series ended perfectly, where Hwang-Do realizes her true self and helps an ordinary girl to become the mayor of Seoul. Not only that, all corrupt leaders are finished. In the very last scene, Hwang-Do is in jail, watching all speeches of Kyung-sook and feeling happy inside. The series ends with a big surprise: an unknown guy comes into jail because he wants help from Hwang-Do. So, who was he? The series ended before he could say something, so it confirms that this series will continue.




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