‘Queenmaker’ Episode 10: Episode 9 ends with some great twists, Now we see Kyung-sook is ready. What will she do in this tight situation? As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the Episode 10 recap and ending explanation.

Baek-Jae and his secretary Ji-Yeon’s affair and pregnancy story are now in the whole media. Kyung-sook is now being loved by people, and all the allegations made against her own son have been cleared.

Ji-Yeon said everything is a rumor in front of the media. She made everything a rumor just because she wants Baek-Jae to win this election. Also, they hired a fake lover of Ji-Yeon’s to make sure that all the allegations against Baek-Jae are wrong. But Hwang-Do is still sharp, and their group posted on the previous night that Baek-Jae is in Ji-Yeon’s apartment. Baek-Jae loses his coolness and becomes angry in front of the media. Ji-Yeon also did a DNA test secretly, but Carl Yoon knows that and informs Baek-Jae.

Baek-Jae then did something unexpected. He said he will distribute half of Eunsug’s Shop’s shares among the Souls people. The people of Seoul are happy, but Ms. Son isn’t. For being successful, Baek-Jae takes a 180-degree turn. His sudden change of behavior amazed Ms. Son.

Hwang-Do finds out about all the folks who are receiving bribes for the tower, which is planned by Ms. Son. Kyung-sook doesn’t want this secret info because she doesn’t want any harm to Hwang-Do.

Baek-Jae wants his wife to go to the hospital and bring Ji-Yeon safely. But Char-ryoung already knows it and informs Hwang-Do. Char-ryoung already reaches the hospital and hands over the DNA test result to Ji-Yeon. Shockingly, Ji-Yeon finds the probability of her baby’s father Baek-Jae is only 0.01%. Char-ryoung requests Ji-Yeon to raise her child because Char-ryoung can never be a mother.

Hwang-Do finds a CCTV footage where she discovered on the day of I-Seul’s suicide, Baek-Jae leaving the building. So, it’s clear that Baek-Jae killed I-Seul. And now it’s time for Ji-Yeon. That’s why Char-ryoung manipulates her and moves out of the hospital.

This is getting some interesting turnover. What will happen next? Can Hwang-Do save Ji-Yeon? What will happen in the last debate? Let’s check it.

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