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Poison (Netflix) Ending Explained: What Is The Message of the Film?

Netflix is releasing back-to-back short films, and audiences are loving them. “The Story of Henry Sugar” received widespread appreciation worldwide, and now the platform is back with another film titled ‘Poison.’ Here, we will explain the ending and all other details about the film.

The story of the film revolves around Harry Pope, who was reading a book while lying in bed. Suddenly, he feels that a snake (Karati) is under his blanket, and to protect himself from a snake bite, he remains still. Harry’s friend, Wood, arrives a few minutes later, and Harry shares his ordeal with his friend, asking him to call a doctor. The doctor arrives with a serum to save Harry after the snake bite. After taking many precautions, the doctor finally manages to inject the serum into Harry’s body.

After injecting the serum, the doctor asks for chloroform to make the snake unconscious. After doing all this, when the doctor and Harry’s friend, Wood, remove the blanket, there is no snake underneath. The doctor tells Harry that there is a possibility he was dreaming, and there was no snake at all. Harry starts shouting at the doctor and makes some racist remarks. The doctor leaves Harry’s home, and the film ends here.

Regarding the film’s ending, it concludes with a beautiful message. One thing is clear: there was no snake or anything like that under Harry’s blanket; it was all his imagination.

Now, considering the film’s message, there are various messages within it. One of them is that “Some people will never appreciate or respect you, no matter what you do for them.” The story illustrates how the doctor tried his best to save Harry from a potential snake bite, but in the end, Harry shouted at him and made racist remarks. Another message in the film is that sometimes we panic over trivial things. There was nothing like a snake or anything under the blanket, and Harry, without even checking once, panicked.

The ending of the film is slightly different from the book, but the message remains the same. What are your thoughts on the film and its message? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



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