Philippa Eilhart is a supporting character in the series “The Witcher.” As people want to know more about her, we are going to discuss the character’s explanation and the actress who played her.

In the series, the character Philippa Eilhart is portrayed by Cassie Clare, a 30-year-old British actress known for her roles in movies such as “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” (2018), “What Happened to Monday” (2017), and “Aladdin” (2019). She has also appeared in the series “Sandman” (2019).

Philippa Eilhart is a powerful sorcerer serving under King Vizimir, and her partner in dubious activities is Dijkstra. She used to be friends with Tissaia and warned her about Vilgefortz, but their relationship ended later on. In season 3, she hired an assassin to kill King Vizimir, hoping to make his brother Radovid the king of Redania. Her true motives remain undisclosed in this series, but we can assume she might have a crucial role in the upcoming season.

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