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Tissaia In ‘The Witcher’: Character Explanation and Actress Name, Who Plays?

Tissaia played a pivotal character in this series, and as people are demanding to know more about the character and the actress who played her, we are going to provide an explanation.

The role of “Tissaia” is portrayed by MyAnna Buring, a 43-year-old Swedish actress known for her roles in movies like “In the Dark” (2017), “The Descent” (2005), and “Kill List” (2011), as well as series like “One Night” (2018) and “Prey” (2014-2015).

Tissaia runs Aretuza Academy, and she is the one who chose Yennefer and trained her to become one of the world’s best sorcerers. However, she made a big mistake by falling in love with Vilgefortz, failing to understand his true motives. Vilgefortz used her to help Nilfgaard Armies attack Aretuza. Although Tissaia succeeded in stopping the war, she felt guilty for what she had done. In the end, she wrote a final letter to Yennefer and bid her goodbye. Thus, the character of Tissaia concludes in this season.

So, that is all about Tissaia. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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