Sagario Real Women?: We Know That You Are not familiar with Spanish shows, You came here to check out the Real names & details of the characters in the film Phenomena which was released today on Netflix. Here we are going to tell you about Sagario.

So let me introduce to you the first And most important cast of the Movie, Sagario was Played By Belen Rueda Who is A Real Ghostbuster & Senior Investigator in Movie But In Real Life, She is A Popular Spanish Actor who gained Popularity in Horror & suspense Movies Before Phenomena She did Lot of Roles but Lastly, We Saw her in Madres Amor y vida as Marian but She Got Award for 2 Movies Orphane & The Sea Inside.

She has around 194k Followers on Instagram. She is an active Instagram user she even posted pics a few days back, At this Age gaining so much love for Acting is Commendable.

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