‘Paige’ Love Is Blind: Paige is one of the contestants from Netflix’s Love is Blind. Here you will find everything about her and + her Instagram account. Being nice to everyone doesn’t help some people and she is one of those people who was very kind to everyone.

Paige is a stylist who works in the fashion industry, She is also the founder of an online shopping business called Bikinis and Blazers. She is in her early thirties, and her Age is 32. Paige was very kind to everyone and her kindness led to her breaking up with her boyfriend.

She wants to find a guy who is like her, has kindness and respect for everyone, and has a genuine commitment to the relationship. She doesn’t want a guy who is rude and takes people’s advantage because of being kind. She also has a motto “I love hard, and that would be something I want in my partner”

Paige total has 21k+ Followers on her Instagram, and she is also very active in it. Promoting her business and posting photos related to her work.


Paige joined TikTok recently and she has 100+ Followers on it, it might grow after the show.




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