Only Murders In The Building has returned for another Season after its super successful Season 2 which also ended with a grand setup for Season 3 showing Paul Rudd. However, Season 3 has aired on HULU, and that too, with its first two Episodes.

If you’re interested in what happened in the first Episode and how it laid the groundwork for the whole Season, you’re at the right place.

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 1

The Episode starts off with a story about Loretta played by Meryl Streep who falls in love with theatre in her childhood and in her hopes to become a theatre artist tries until she’s middle-aged but doesn’t get any breaks until she forces herself into an audition for Oliver’s return to the Broadway production where he falls in love with her acting and gives her the role of the Nanny in the play.

The next thing we see is how Ben played by Paul Rudd dies on stage. The Episode takes off from there taking us 4 months ago after the events of Season 2 where Oliver is producing another Broadway play and takes Charles with him leaving Mabel the only one out but is taking the two to his first reading of the play and Mabel is extra excited because she’ll get to meet Ben who is a famous actor.

When they get there, Ben arrives late and after his arrival you get a hint of douche from the very aura he imparts. He flirts with his coworker Kimber and treats Loretta badly saying not to upstage him and basically shows off his inability to control himself in front of cookies with his brother who is also his manager.

The Episode takes off with Ben but then focuses on Loretta who goes into the character so much that she starts to irritate others by changing the dialect of the Nanny a couple of times to not being aware of her lines and looking at others to the point that Ben is worried if she’s going to make it or not.

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The Episode then moves forward to the night of the play where Ben dies and Oliver takes everyone to his place for what was going to be a party where he’s wallowing about his narcissism to Loretta with whom he’s struck a chord and both have been keeping it strictly professional. Loretta tells Oliver that now Ben’s dead, they can finally be together until Ben enters the room alive and kicking.

Turns out he was dead, for some time but came back to life in the hospital. He realizes he has been a douche with everyone and apologizes but not to Loretta. He leaves shortly after when he receives a call from someone to his apartment upstairs which he bought from Amy Schumer.

Mabel realizes that she’s all alone and asks Oliver and Charles to come out for late-night dinner and realizes that Charles and Oliver have a lot going on together and she’s not been a part of it. She asks them to include her in their talks and they get into the elevator which was out of service before when the people arrived for the party.

They go into the elevator and Charles talks about Mabel’s idea of doing another podcast for Ben’s death and mentions that Ben did not die in the building so that can’t be a podcast until Mabel sees blood getting on Charles’s hat realizing there’s a body ready to fall into the elevator and when it does, they realize that it’s Ben and Uma sees them with it.

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 1 is currently available on HULU.



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