Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 7 Recap, Ending Explained

Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 5

Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 7 Recap, Ending Explained: HULU’s Only Murders In The Building which is running very successfully with its second season has dropped its 7th Episode that was much awaited because we saw Mabel played by Selena Gomez stabbing someone in the subway train and that had fans waiting for this episode and it suffices to say that it did not disappoint in any way.

The Episode was titled “Flipping The Pieces” and it majorly focused on Mabel and her childhood, which was like a shade of grey like everyone’s. Flipping The Pieces had a deeper meaning as well since it touched on the psychology and the things, we hide from our own self that we’re too scared to confront and that came with Mabel’s childhood memories of solving the puzzles with her father where they would flip the pieces so the real face of the puzzle is hidden.

Metaphorically, Mabel at the end of the day flipped the pieces to see if she’s really the killer who can stab someone on the train and probably killed Bunny as well but after she gets to see her memories fully, she realizes that she did not kill Bunny in the first place.

We also saw Charles and Oliver get paid a very threatening at first visit from Detective Williams who can’t stop thinking about the case and comes over with questions. This follows with some of the hilarious moments of the episode from Charles and Oliver having a conversation about getting rid of the murder weapon (The Knife) and Detective overhearing them outside thin walls. In the end, they give the murder weapon to the detective in hopes of finding the real killer’s fingerprints with fair warning whose fingerprints can be on there.

The Episode ended with a deep conversation with Mabel & Theo who gives her refuge after her little incident on the subway and also accompanies her to the amusement park in Coney Island where she’s met by the murderer herself but is successful in fleeing.

The Episode ended with the trio meeting over a diner and Mabel giving Charles that photograph she found from Killer’s bag of him and Lucy (Charles somewhat daughter). Worried Charles gives her a call who’s actually present at his apartment but that’s followed by a city-wide blackout and that’s the point where the Episode ends.

Next Episode is surely about to bring us good scares and a good development since its already going to be pitch black.

Please comment below to let us know what you thought of the Episode.

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