The Jengaburu Curse Episode 1: The episode of the show is titled “Homecoming.” The episode was around 40 minutes long, and now all the episodes are streaming on the platform. Here’s the recap and ending explanation of episode 1 of the show.

Episode 1 of the show starts in a mining area-like place where we see workers dumping a dead body. The wife of the deceased person is requesting the authorities not to dump the body, as it is not part of their ritual. She is asking to burn the body instead. No one listens to her, and they forcefully dump the body.

The story now shifts to London, where we get to see a girl named Priya working in a big company. She receives a call that her dad has been missing for the last few days. She tries to call a few of her relatives, but it doesn’t get connected. She takes the first flight and returns to India.

The story moves forward, and we see a bauxite mine recently discovered in a place called Jengaburu. Workers in the mines are getting ill, and in another scene, a worker from that mine is taking a video of it. The head of the mining company asks his man to take care of the situation. His men follow that worker and finally apprehend him. On the other hand, when Priya reaches her home, she finds it fully messed up. The next day, when they reach the police station, the police ask Priya to be aware of Naxals.

Suddenly, Priya gets to know about Man Singh, her father’s friend and manager. Priya organizes a press confrontation with the help of a local leader and asks the Naxals to release her father, ‘Swatantra Das,’ who is a local activist.

In another scene, we are introduced to another character named ‘Dhruv,’ who is an IAS officer and is known to Priya and Das. The same night, Priya receives a call from Man Singh. He says that he wants to meet her and asks her to come to a place. When Priya reaches there, she doesn’t get to meet Man Singh, as he is not there, and his phone is switched off. Episode 1 ends here.

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Episode 1 of the show starts on a decent note, and the story of the show is almost clear now. We have a character named Priya, who is looking for her missing dad. There is a local MLA, and mining is happening in the city of Jengaburu, which is near Bhubaneswar, Odisha. As of now, it looks like the NGO person and the local leader are associated with the mining company, and they are playing with Priya.

It will be interesting to see how the story progresses further. This was our episode 1 recap. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.


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