‘Nu’ Victim Girl In ‘Bandaa’ Movie Real Image: The movie started with the character of Nu, played by Adrija Singh. She’s entering a police station with her parents to lodge a complaint under the POSCO Act of 2012. The whole movie depended on the 16-year-old minor girl. Opposition lawyers tried to defame her image by proving that she was 18 years old, but Solanki gathered real documents with proof to prove that she was just a 16-year-old minor girl.

In the movie, the character is played by Adrija Singh, who is greatly known for shows like Rana Naidu and Criminal Justice Season 2. In real life, the girl’s identity was never revealed. You can see various news articles and interviews of her because she was the one who wanted justice. She was the first girl who went against Bapu, and she won.

In the end, truth won. Nu’s parents were so supportive that they didn’t even hesitate for a second to lodge a complaint against that fake godman. There is no real image or name of a girl is available on the internet to maintain her dignity and privacy in society.

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