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You Season 4 Episode 2: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

You Season 4 Episode 2: YOU Season 4 has been released on Netflix after a yearlong wait. It has been too long since we got to see our beloved Romantic Serial Killer Joe, well now Jonathan in Season 4, Season 4 has been divided into two parts Netflix released the first one of 5 Episodes on 9th February and will be releasing the second one in March.

Now, if you’re interested in what happened in the second Episode, you’re at the right place.

Recap & Summary

After Joe starts to get anonymous texts from someone who confesses to killing Malcolm, Joe now has someone that he can call “YOU” and starts to get paranoid when he keeps getting texts that express his wardrobe and other things. He finds himself meeting Phoebe at her house where she treats him very nicely and confesses that she feels truly seen by him.

There’s a weird energy coming from Phoebe however, she does contain that while Joe is out trying to understand more about Malcolm after one of his students Nadia who is into Whodunits and Mystery Novels helps him with mystery novels and how the formula is always the same but is bent according to the will of the writer.

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Joe is now in full search mode for Malcolm where he finds himself suspecting everyone in Malcolm’s circle to be the killer. He suspects Kate but then finds her keeping on calling Malcolm and knowing his whereabouts so she cannot be the killer or is she that smart? Phoebe and her boyfriend Adam sent him to get suits from the sponsored collection where everyone else is already there.

He is invited to a Gallery Showing of Simon (The Artist) called The Clotho Gallery which is being managed by Kate, Joe tries to get whatever dirt he can get from Malcolm’s friends about him and what type of person was he. Joe does find out more about Adam and his secret kink and how that could be of any use but then during the gallery show, Adam confesses to Joe to beware of Malcolm. A woman called Blue comes to the gallery and on one of the cat paintings, throws red paint and accuses Simon of gaslighting him.

Simon does cover that in front of everyone but then forces Kate to cover that up if she ever wants an artist to come to her gallery. Joe helps Kate by taking her to the area where Blue lives since he saw her ID-Card when she was entering the gallery. Blue tells them that Simon stole her work and talks more about the cat painting.

Joe expresses concerns to her after coming out to which Kate gets angry as she suspects Joe and doesn’t want him to be there because she doesn’t know what his deal is because he is an outsider and she does not know why is he there. She leaves him and Joe makes his way to the gallery and stays outside waiting for Simon to come out after the gallery show.

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Joe passes out outside and wakes up when he hears a cop siren and learns about Simon’s death. The next day he goes to Phoebe’s where he meets everyone but is surprised to see that everyone is smiling or laughing and isn’t expressing any sort of grief. He realizes that he’s gotten himself in the middle of the most insane damaged people on earth.

In the end of the episode, he comes back to his apartment just to find all the articles about himself and his past all put on display on the wall and a text from the unknown sender that he found him and says “Hi Joe!”



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