Alejandro in ‘At Midnight’: Alejandro is one of the main leads in the movie who is a manager at a hotel in Mexico without any distractions he wants to go to New York to get higher education and open his own hotel but when he meets with famous actress Sophie at the hotel they fell in love with each other despite having the risk that he can be fired from his job because his boss does not like this will be able to complete his dream to know this you have to watch the movie on Paramount+.

Here I am going to tell the real name of the actor who played the role of ALEJANDRO and some of his works.


Mexican actor, producer, and singer Diego Boneta played the role of Alejandro in the latest Romantic Comedy movie.

Who Is Diego Boneta?

Diego is a Mexican actor, producer, and singer he first appeared in a reality show Código F.A.M.A. he made his acting debut in a series in 2010 titled Pretty Little Liars where he played the role of Alex Santiago in 2011 he became the cover model of very popular magazine TROIX magazine ‘march men madness’ issue he came to spotlight with a very famous movie Rock of Ages where he shared the screen with very famous Tom Cruise and after that, he was featured in various American and Mexican tv shows and movies.

He is also a singer in 2005 he released his debut album named Diego in Mexico, and he has also done many concerts in Mexico and Brazil also you can see his latest work in the movie At Midnight streaming now on Paramount+.



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