Never Have I Ever Season 3 All Episodes Recap: Season 4 of the Netflix original Teen Drama Series Never Have I Ever is all set to release on Netflix on 8th June 2023. The show will end after season 4 and it is going to be the season finale for the show. For all those who have missed season 3 or just want to revisit it, here goes the Recap and Summary of all the Episodes of the show.

The third season of the show starts with the newly formed couple Paxton and Devi. They are happy and have been dating each other for the last two weeks, but nothing has happened between them yet. Devi and Paxton enter the school proudly, and now their relationship is the talk of the town. Devi was in the washroom when she overheard some girls talking about how Devi is only dating Paxton for s3x, which stressed Devi out.

On the other hand, we also see a trend where Eleanor and everyone else in the group are in love and dating. The story was going well until we hear that Eve is moving to Korea without Fabiola, which shatters everyone. However, Eve promises that she will continue the relationship and that their long-distance relationship will work for sure.

The scene now moves to the next frame, where we see Nirmala shouting at Kamala because she broke up with Prashant and is now living with Manish. Paxton talks to Trent and asks if he is angry at him for being in a relationship with Devi. Trent said he is not angry but concerned about him because he thinks Devi will betray Paxton. Nalini asks Kamala if she is ready to marry Manish, but Kamala says no, she is not ready to marry Manish yet and will think about it later.

Nalini tries to convince her by giving her an example. Devi’s therapist encourages her confidence by asking her to ignore those girls. Even after the therapist’s advice, Devi goes to those girls to clear everything up, and the girls say that if Devi and Paxton haven’t been physical yet, Paxton will break up with Devi soon.

The story now shifts to Ben, who is very serious about college. Here we also see a conflict between Ben and Aneesa. We also witness Kamla visiting Manish to discuss marriage. Manish confirms that he wants to marry her and only then can they be in a relationship. On the other hand, Fabiola is having issues maintaining her relationship with Eve due to timing conflicts, and she discusses this with Devi and the other girls.

Due to peer pressure, Devi meets with Paxton to become physically intimate with him. However, just as Devi and Paxton are about to get intimate, Paxton realizes that Devi is not ready yet and assures her that there’s no need to rush.

The story now shifts to the classroom, where, as always, Ben is angry because he didn’t receive extra credit despite scoring full marks. Fabiola’s grades are declining, and the turbulent relationship may be the reason behind it. On the other hand, we also see Trent kissing Eleanor to express his love for her.

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The story then jumps to the next frame, where we find Nirmala once again angry with Kamla for breaking up with Prashant. Things start going terribly from here. Fabiola breaks up with Eve, and Devi receives an anonymous message warning her to stay away from Paxton as he is not a good guy.

Devi discovers that Heli is behind these messages, and when she confronts her about it, Heli reveals that she and Paxton were in a physical relationship a few years ago, but after becoming intimate, Paxton stopped talking to her. Devi feels upset about this and shares everything with Paxton. She also asks Paxton to apologize to Heli. Kamala tries to convince Nirmala about Manish, but there are no positive results.

Paxton apologizes to Heli and a few other girls as well. Meanwhile, a football match is taking place at the school, and Aneesa is playing exceptionally well. However, she feels upset when she sees Ben talking to Devi and them growing closer and spending more time together. On the other hand, Paxton is getting closer to Heli, which makes Devi feel upset. Devi goes to the bathroom and starts crying, and Fabiola joins her there, where she appreciates Aneesa’s performance. In the heat of the moment, Aneesa kisses Fabiola.

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

Valentine’s Day is the next day, and Devi is so happy because Paxton shows her that she is his perfect match. Trent also asks Eleanor to go on a date with him. Aneesa apologizes to Fabiola for the kiss. Eleanor is thrilled after meeting Trent’s uncle because she receives an offer. Devi and Paxton go to play games, but she feels sad when she sees Heli on Paxton’s team. Aneesa breaks up with Ben because things weren’t going well between them.

Devi and Paxton get into an argument again after the game, and they end up having a very bad fight. On the other hand, Eleanor confesses to Trent that she was using him to get a role in a commercial. Trent reveals that he was also using his uncle to get closer to her, and everything becomes normal between them, and they both hug each other.

On the other hand, Devi hugs and cries with her mother at night because everything is over between her and Paxton. After a few days, Devi learns that Paxton is now dating another girl named Febi. Devi’s grandmother plans to host a party at her house on the occasion of Navratri, and there all the ladies talk to Manish and ask him about Indian traditions. Trent’s birthday is on the same day, and Devi somehow manages to get permission to go to the party. Devi’s mother asks her to take Nirdesh with her.

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Initially, Devi and her friends thought that the guy would be dull and boring, but when they saw Nirdesh, they were just blown away. Devi sees Paxton kissing his new girlfriend, and she goes outside the house and starts crying. Nirdesh, also known as Des, confronts her. They both dance together at the party, and when he drops Devi off, Des promises her that he will text her, and Devi patiently waits for his message.

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

Now the story jumps to a coffeehouse party where we see everyone trying to get a kiss. Devi and Ben manage to kiss their unknown partners, and the school principal interrupts the party. Aneesa proposes to Fabiola, and they officially become a couple. Devi hosts a house party to complete the physics project, but Ben gets a stomach ache.

The next day, Ben forgets to submit his assignment and receives a zero. Ben experiences stomach pain again, and Paxton admits him to the hospital. The doctor reveals that Ben hasn’t had a bowel movement in 15 days, and the pain is due to that. Ben helps Paxton complete the school essay.

Then we learn that a school debate competition is going to be held between the Desh and Devi teams, and Devi wins the debate by cheating. Manish informs Devi’s mother about this, and upon seeing Manish’s honesty, Nirmala starts to like him. Devi also confronts Desh about cheating in the competition, but Desh is fine with it.

Devi and Desh start spending more and more time together, and their chemistry becomes evident. Devi hosts a party at her house to spend more time with Desh, and there they meet Desh’s friends. Fabiola develops feelings for Addison (Desh’s friend), and Aneesa realizes that Fabiola likes Addison, leading to their breakup. However, Aneesa assures Fabiola that they will continue to be friends.

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

When Devi and Desh were about to go into their room, Devi saw that Parker had broken the rocket that her dad had given her. Paxton confronts Devi, and Parker apologizes to her. The next day, Devi visits Desh’s house, and when they were about to kiss, Devi’s mother sees them both. Surprisingly, she allows Devi to date Desh.

On the other hand, Paxton gets admission to a good college. During a school function, Raya (Desh’s mother) talks with him and asks Desh to break up with Devi, as she is not okay for him. Ben overhears their conversation and tells Devi the same the next morning. Devi claims that Desh will never break up with her and rejects Ben’s claim.

After a few days, Desh starts ignoring Devi’s calls, and when Devi and her friends visit Desh, he tells her that he can’t love her against his mother’s wishes. Devi throws a glass of shake on Desh and leaves. On the other hand, Ben is also happy because Paxton is going to a good college. Devi meets with Ben, apologizes to him, and admits that he was right about Desh and his mother.

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The next morning, Devi receives an offer from her school principal to visit her dream place and get admission to a new school. Initially, Devi rejects the offer, but her mother and sister convince her to go and at least visit the school. Devi’s therapist also advises the same.

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

Devi visits the school in Colorado, and she likes it very much. She is all set to go there. On the final day of college, we see that Ben is sad to hear that Devi is going to another school, and he says that he will miss her. While returning home, Devi realizes that she has everything she could ever ask for: friends, family, and more. So, she decides to drop the plan of going to another college and goes to Ben’s house, where she kisses him, and the door closes.

The third season of the show ends here, and now all eyes are on the final season, set for release on Netflix on June 8, 2023. It will be interesting to see if Ben and Devi continue to be together or if she will fall for someone else. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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