Barracuda Queens Episode 1: The latest Netflix Swedish crime drama series is the story of four broken girls who are in debt and decide to carry out burglaries from the rich class of society to pay their debts. How will their robberies turn out? The story revolves around this. In this article, we are going to give you a recap of the first episode of the series. But before starting, please be aware that this article contains spoilers from the first episode.

The story starts with four girls: Lollo, Klara, Mia, and Frida. They are being questioned at the police station, and we come to know that they have been together since they were 18 years old. They all tell the police that on the 18th, they were at a party at Villa Poli together for the whole night.

Cut to the year 1995, where all the girls are partying at a club. The next morning, Lollo wakes up at a beach, and their other friend, Klara, falls asleep in the hotel bathtub, causing the roof of the hotel to leak. When they are leaving the hotel, the management tells them they have to pay for it. Back home, Lollo’s mother, Margareta Millkvist, tells her that she also has to pay the bill to some bastard as he has paid for his education.

Then we come to know that Klara is a law student, and when she returns home, she gets a bill of 100 thousand dollars from the hotel. She has no money to pay for it, so she tells Lollo about this. Lollo suggests that Frida should tell the parents that she fell asleep in the tub, but Frida refuses because she will be grounded in the house for a year or two. However, she tells her that if she scores well on the exam, she will get a bonus from their dad. Frida is Klara’s sister.

The Ending

Their friend Mia used to work as a cleaner in houses, but she rushes back home as she realizes that there is a party hosted by Margareta Millkvist. At the party, the girls discuss their bills and come to know that they have to pay almost 176 thousand dollars. But Lollo assures them they will pay it. Margareta introduces the girls to her friend Amina Khalil. Mia meets her dad at the party, but he is not used to living with them as he left her mom for another girl.

Lollo introduces Amina to her brother, and they start flirting. We come to know that Amina, with her family, is going to a wedding out of town. Klara has stolen a watch from Margareta’s house and sold it at a pawn shop for 15 thousand dollars, but Margareta thought it was her maid and reported it to the police, leading to the maid’s firing. After the girls meet and Klara tells them about the watch, Lollo has an idea.

She suggests that they can steal the jewelry that Amina’s mother is wearing at the party since they are out of town for a wedding. This way, they can settle their debts. The girls eventually agree. In the end, at night, they go to Amina’s house, but when they enter, they find Amina’s mother, Lella, sleeping there. She wakes up, and the girls apologize to her and run away. The episode ends.



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