Barracuda Queens Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained: As we have seen in previous episodes, the girls managed to make money and pay all their debts. However, they are not going to stop now as they want more money. Let’s see what will happen next. In this article, I am going to give you a recap of the third episode of the series. So let’s get started.

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The episode starts with parents and children partying in different places. The adults were discussing that Margareta could use imported help, as they think that the maid who used to work in her house earlier is a thief. They also discuss Alex and Mia’s mom’s affair. Meanwhile, the girls decide to leave their party early as they are going to rob Gustav and Gunilla’s house that night.

Amina also joins them after she came to know about this, as we saw in the previous episode. They rob the house and have a small party there, drinking champagne and having lots of fun.

At the adults’ party, they are playing a weird game. They put the house keys in a bowl, and the ladies have to pick a random key. The man who owns the house will take them tonight. Gustav comes home with Corinne, and Mia spots it. The girls manage to escape from there, but Frida has brought a rabbit from the house.

Karla tells her to get rid of it as it could get them caught. However, Margareta sees them, and the next day the police arrive at their house because she called them. They say they found the rabbit in Gustav’s garden, but they take Mia’s fingerprints because she used to work there.

The Ending

Now that the police are actively involved in the cases, the girls decide to keep a low profile for some time. They enjoy their free time. Karla decides to stay home with her boyfriend, while the others go to Andre’s place and leave Frida with him. He takes her to his office, saying that he will show her a painting, but he starts getting physical with her. Frida tries to stop him, but he doesn’t listen.

In the end, Mia’s car gets into an accident as it slides on the road. She is drunk, so she decides not to report the case. Meanwhile, Frida is disturbed by what happened and returns home. Karla comforts her, and in the end, Mia comes to the conclusion that she will say the car got stolen from the exhibition. The episode ends.



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