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Barracuda Queens Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained

Barracuda Queens Episode 2 : In the last episode (Episode 1 Recap) of the series, we saw the girls trying to rob Amina’s house, thinking she wasn’t there. However, she was there, so they had to run away. Now, we are going to give you a recap of the third episode of the series. Let’s get started.


The next morning, Lollo and Karla went to play tennis and saw Amina’s mother there. They started panicking, but Lollo calmed Karla down and they listened to them. They said they had reported the crime to the police, and today Amina’s mother would give her statement to the police. Karla was tense about this, while Lollo was chilled and went to a party with her brother. Meanwhile, Karla watched a movie with her boyfriend, and we came to know that she had been caught cheating in school and was suspended.

At the party, Lollo hooked up with a guy named Tobbe who took her to his house and showed her some really expensive things. They slept together, but the next day, Tobbe didn’t answer her calls or reply to her. Later, we learned that Amina had seen them while they were in Tobbe’s house during the robbery.

Barracuda Queens
Barracuda Queens

However, she didn’t tell the police about them. Meanwhile, when Lollo went to Tobbe’s house, he rejected her and said he had a girlfriend back in London. This made Lollo sad, and she felt betrayed. She told the girls that Tobbe would be out of town, making it the perfect opportunity for them to rob his house and pay their debts. They all agreed.

The Ending

That night, they went to Tobbe’s house, and Lollo remembered the code, so she successfully managed to disable his alarm system. The girls took all the expensive things in the house and had a small party with the most expensive champagne in the house, which Tobbe had refused to give Lollo earlier that night. While returning home, Mia noticed her tennis coach Alex leaving her house. When Frida and Karla reached home, they saw their mother also coming home late and saying it worked.

The next day, Lollo went to Amina to sell the paintings they had stolen. Amina knew a friend who bought them for a good amount and gave Lollo 10%. However, she confronted Lollo and asked where she got the paintings. Lollo told her that she had robbed them. In the end, we see the maid who used to work at Amina’s house overhearing their conversation.



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