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Netflix’s ‘BEEF’ Based On A True Story? | Real Incident

Netflix’s ‘BEEF’ Based On A True Story? : Netflix & A24 Production’s BEEF has officially released on the streaming platform telling us the story about two individuals Danny and Amy played by Steven and Ali respectively who were part of a road rage incident that brings chaos into their lives after the two develop beef between them constantly trying to get an upper hand on the other one.

However, what one might think of when watching this show is whether this is based on real life because, in the current time when depression is soaring high, the number of road rage incidents is also high. However, what the creator of the show Lee Sung Jin says about it being based on a true story.

During an interview, the director of the series Lee Sung Jin says that he got inspired to create this show based on a road rage incident that happened to him. He mentioned that it was a typical interaction that involved honking, cursing, and then the other person driving off. Lee decided to follow the other driver and kept following for 30-40 minutes and also had a justification in case he was caught that he was commuting home and that person happened to be in front of him.

Lee Sung Jin recalls his behavior and decision of following the person as a wild lunatic stalking someone and that is what inspired him to create the show.

So, in all truth, the show is based on true events but only the initial parts. The rest of what we see, seducing younger brothers, kidnapping children and a lot more is not based on a real-life event and is only fictional.

BEEF is currently streaming on Netflix in multiple languages.


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