My Husband’s Worst Mistake Summary And Ending Explained: The latest thriller directed by Roxanne Boisvert is now streaming on Lifetime, and in this article, we are going to tell you about the ending of the movie. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

The movie begins in Washington, D.C., where Kent, after a meeting, is talking with his partner, Amy, who is flirting heavily with him. They start heading into a room for a drink, and as they begin making out, one of their clients, Miguel, captures their photo. After engaging in sexual activity, Kent and Amy regret their decision because they are both married.

The scene cuts to Sarah, Kent’s wife, who is planning a movie night with their daughter before she goes to college. However, she is worried about her marriage and relationship with Kent. Amy’s husband, Brad, is also suspicious about their marriage. When Amy returns home, he starts asking her where she was, and there is tension between them on the stairs. Amy checks her phone, which contains messages from someone identified as “K.” Brad questions her about it, and after a fight, Amy slips and falls down the stairs, resulting in her death.

Sarah and Lucy welcome Kent to their home, and after some time, Kent learns about Amy’s death and worries that he will be implicated during the investigation. The next day, Kent sees Miguel’s photo on his car windshield and starts receiving threats from him. This happens during a family dinner, causing his family to become angry because he frequently checks his phone.

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Kent eventually confronts his wife, Sarah, and admits that it is his fault that he is in this mess. On the other hand, Brad discovers Kent’s involvement and follows Sarah to her workplace. Sarah also receives the photo from Miguel. Kent confronts Miguel, and a physical altercation ensues between them.

The Ending;

In the end, Brad calls Sarah and asks her to decorate his house since she works in that company. She goes to his house, and after some conversation, he asks her for a drink, which seems like he is asking her on a date. However, the date turns out to be pleasant as they talk about many things, and it is revealed that Brad is a lawyer.

The next day, Brad prepares the house, which is for sale, as Kent is selling it. Kent’s coworker calls him to fix things, forcing him to miss his daughter’s graduation ceremony. Sarah tells Lucy about Brad, but Lucy instantly dislikes him as she has seen some photos of him with another girl on the internet. However, Sarah does not listen to her.

Suddenly, the lights go out in the house, and Brad comes to rescue Sarah. He wants to stay the night, but Sarah wants to take things slowly. Miguel also appears in the house, and Brad kills him before escaping. The police arrive and arrest Kent because the murder weapon is found in his house, leading him to jail. Meanwhile, Brad works on strengthening his relationship with Sarah.

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However, Lucy discovers something about Brad and rushes to save her mother. Brad confronts Sarah on the stairs of his house, the same place where he confronted Amy, and he is about to kill her as revenge. Luckily, Lucy arrives with the police just in time to save her mother. The movie ends with Sarah being saved.



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