Marta in ‘Muted’ Netflix: The character of Marta is one of the most important characters in this series. The character of Marta is played by Spanish actress Cristina Kovani. Marta is an admirer of Sergio, even though she has a boyfriend named Mikel. She secretly likes Sergio.

As seen in the show, you’ve noticed that Marta teaches piano to Sergio’s adopted little sister, Noa. After getting released from police custody, Sergio firstly contacts Noa only. Marta also gets connected with her because she likes Sergio, so she doesn’t even think for a second to get connected to Sergio. Marta and Sergio share a special bond that helps Sergio open up.

When Sergio was in jail, Marta also tried to contact him. She wrote some letters for him and tried to have private visits. She visited Sergio in a detention center, and they had frequent visits.

Ana also reported this behavior. She came to know that Marta is suffering from hybristophilia, which is a condition where a person is attracted to criminals, murderers, and others who commit crimes. But on the other side, Marta feels like she can take Sergio out of that life by giving him love, affection, and care.

Ana met Marta and told her that she’s also trying to help Sergio get out of that life. Marta’s love for Sergio was growing more and more each day.

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The character of Marta is Played by ‘Cristina Kovani’. She has around 9k Followers on Instagram and i am pretty sure that she is going to have massive increase in fan following after the show.



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